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Admission to 3 Year B.Sc. (HHA) 2024

Jee Session 2024-25

Date Sheet Revised 2023-24 Odd Semesters

Marks Verification Form and Exam Result on (12-09-2023)

JEE Entrance Session 2023-24

Our Mission

● To impart required knowledge and skills in our students so they shine in their selected profession and have a successful career.

● To facilitate synergized research amongst faculty, students and industry in hospitality precincts.

● To develop bonhomie between institution and industry.

July 2024

Principal’s Corner


  1. A hotelier must be a democrat, an autocrat, an acrobat and a doormat. He must be able to entertain pickpockets, prime Ministers, Pirates, philanthropists, the police, and be on both sides of the political fence.
  2. A footballer, tennis player, darts player, bowler and pigeon fancier. He must pick locks, take knocks but avoid the pox. And he must settle arguments and fights. He must be a qualified wrestler, boxer and weight lifter, sprinter and peacemaker.
  3. He must also look immaculate when drinking with bankers, swanker, commercial travelers, company reps, travel agents and wholesalers.
  4. To be successful he must keep the bars full, house full and tanks full, the store full the customers full and not get himself full.
  5. He must have hotel staff who are clean, lean, honest, quick workers and thinkers; and at all times be on the bosses’ side, the customer side and stay on the inside of the bar.
  6. It is said that he home wrecks, signs weekly wage cheques, in other words saturates, confiscates deteriorates and propagates
  7. To sum up he must be outside inside, cross eyed, glorified, sanctified, crucified and if he is not the strong type there is suicide.



  1. He delegates 90% of his jobs… but does not forget and maintains an effective follow up.
  2. He believes in the 80:20 principle – that 80 % of his results will come from only 20% of his jobs. He sifts the vital few from the trivial many.
  3. He also priorities his vital jobs… and does his best. He manages his time as he manages his money.
  4.  He uses every opportunity to learn and train. He always considers himself as a trainer and developer of people.
  5.  He thinks ahead through his “mental telescope” and starts doing things before they become urgent.
  6.  He believes in doing the right things more than doing things in the right way.


  1. He believes that delegation in his “Professional” death!
  2. He has no time to sort out what is urgent, what is important and what should not be done at all by him.
  3. He does what he likes to do and not what should be done.
  4. He does urgent things today, and is always “extinguishing fires” – meeting crises all the time. Little things make him angry.
  5. He does not trust anyone!
  6. He believes he knows everything and considers self-training and development a waste of time!
  7. He works hard and long hours, generally takes no holidays develops no professional contacts.
  8. He does not learn to say “No” to people. He tries to please one an all and therefore, please none at all !


  1. He believes in doing nothing; therefore, nothing gets done !
  2. He does only what has to be done to get by to the pay day.
  3. He sets bad examples for his people an soon everyone around him loses motivation and becomes a robot!
  4. He has no time to read. His attitude is negative and he is a lazy sort.
  5. His chances of making mistakes are minimal, because he does not work in the first place.
  6. He also would never own a mistake and always passes on the buck. Therefore, he cannot learn from his mistake.
  7. Work actually is drudgery for him. He derives no pleasure from it.